Stunning commercial interiors and commercial fit-out for businesses in Christchurch and across the South Island

The design of any commercial interior fit-out is an opportunity to enhance the culture and activities of the business, whether it’s for a new commercial office fit-out, a modern interior design for a specialist space like a pharmacy, or a bespoke retail interior. While space planning, especially in an office setting, is the key to making this work, the way the space performs and its emotional impact is equally important. Interior design has a key role to play in promoting business activity, encouraging new ways of working, and enhancing our lives.

KVA Design Ltd is a widely experienced commercial building and office interior designer. The team at our design studio in Christchurch specialises in commercial interiors and architecture for modern office buildings, including large-scale to smaller projects, throughout New Zealand. Wide-ranging skills, solid expertise, and a strong creative drive are what we bring to every project. Contact us to work with commercial interior designers with flair and experience.




Thinking of moving your business into a new tenancy and not sure if or how your business can fit? Need expert advise on what the potential fitout issues could be with a particular space? Before you sign a lease, make use of our extensive experience to help you make an informed decision. If you have an existing space that no longer works for your business, then we can assess your requirements and provide a creative solution.



Well considered design followed by thorough documentation is what we aim to deliver for every project. We know that an interior fitout is a significant investment, that’s why we meticulously document every aspect of the design so that every detail is confirmed ahead of construction.



There is a huge range of furniture and office systems out there. With our commercial interiors experience we can find the right solution for your business. As we are not a furniture supplier we can offer independent advice and oversee the procurement process.



Not every project needs a full Building Consent but some form of Council approval is usually required. Navigating this complicated part of the project can be daunting, however our team will manage this efficiently with many years of experience dealing with Local Authorities. We will co-ordinate the work of all the consultants involved with the project and oversee the approvals process.


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