KVA Design understand how commercial building design should work

Our experience with commercial interiors and fit-outs means we understand how the design of a building can have a significant impact on its flexibility, efficiency, and its return on investment. That is why our work in modern commercial and office building architecture is driven from the inside out, mixed with a good dose of creative flair and a sensitivity to the buildings context and environment. Integrating this approach with the latest materials and technology produces buildings that will perform well now and into the future.

KVA Design Ltd is a widely experienced commercial and office interior design company that specialises in commercial interiors and architecture, large scale to smaller projects, throughout New Zealand. Wide-ranging skills, solid expertise, and a strong creative drive are what we bring to every project. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.



Site Development Planning

Understanding the development potential of a site before committing to a project is valuable knowledge. At KVA Design we integrate town planning requirements with excellent planning know-how to optimize the use of a site. Whether it’s a pre-purchase assessment or for marketing use, we can provide you with design advise that will assist in moving the project forward.



We believe that buildings should be designed from the inside out – form follows internal function. If you are looking at having a new building constructed then our experience with commercial interiors provides valuable knowledge in creating efficient and effective internal spaces with flare.



Do you need to improve the use of an existing building, complete an exterior upgrade, optimise internal planning, or upgrade to meet current building code requirements?. KVA Design has significant design experience you can call on. From concept through to completion we know how to give an older building a new lease of life.



If you are considering changing the use of a building, from Office to Retail for example, then the Council will need to be satisfied that the building in its new use will comply with the Building Code. Structural, Fire and Accessibility features of the building will need to be accessed and potentially upgraded to comply with the requirements of the Building Act. We can work through the steps required and manage the process for you.


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